Hardcore Weight Gainer Chocolate 7.5lb

Hardcore Weight Gainer Chocolate 7.5lb

7.5 Pounds of Hardcore Weight Gainer Contains: 1313 Calories Per Serving! 50 grams of Protein 13.7 grams balanced BCAA! 11.6 grams of glutamic acid Only .6 grams of Fat! 10 Servings 255 grams of complex carbs All Natural Flavoring, sweetened with Stevia Reb A 97 Scoop Included Flavor as desired This product was created to compete with the typical weight gainers on the market.

Weight Gainer

It is very similar to Optimum Nutrition’s Serious Mass without the flavoring and artificial sweeteners. We feel our product is a little better than Optimum Nutrition’s Serious Mass because you get more high quality calories. Their product has about 1250 calories and ours has over 1313 calories.

Our protein blend is also much better because we only use whey protein isolate and micellar casein. We get a few more calories in our weight gain product because we do not use any unncecessary fillers. We do not put in vitamins and minerals in our weight gainer, nor do we use creatine. For vitamins and minerals,

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